Our office has been based in Attica since 1995 with activity throughout Greece. It is made up of specialized associates with years of experience in the field of real estate. We undertake the sale and / or rental of all types of property with confidentiality, ethics and professionalism. We undertake the study of the maximum exploitation of your property, we undertake the valid evaluation of real estate in Greece, as well as undertake the preparation of feasibility studies, certificates and special studies for compensation and co-operation. Also, we undertake to find real estate and prepare a visa for a visa, undertake the renovation or reconstruction of real estate, the maintenance, exploitation and management of real estate and tourist accommodation. We cooperate with the largest tourist companies abroad, cooperate with individuals, groups, cooperatives and investment companies (Greece and abroad), we cooperate with trained personnel in every area that concerns the property. Do not hesitate to ask for our professional opinion about any action and management of your property.

What we do


We estimate / propose buy and sell , hotels, resorts and projects of houses at beach fronts.

Golden Visa

Under Article 36A of Law 4146/2013, it is now possible for third-country nationals who are not members of the European Union to obtain a five-year residence permit (5 years) by purchasing or leasing some property in Greece worth at least 250,000 euros. By joint decision of the Ministers of the Interior and Finance, the amount of the aforementioned real estate may be adjusted and will be calculated in accordance with the values of the real estate or lease agreements.

Construction and Renovation

Our team undertakes complete projects of construction , from stage of finding appropriate plot till completion . We also renovate apartments , buildings and Hotels and work with very good and recognized engineers and decorators for that manner .